Preneed Information

Below are just a few of the reasons to pre-plan your funeral at the Lynch Funeral Home, Inc. The planning can be done in a relaxed competent manner at the funeral home or at your home, with or without financial arrangements. Express your wishes and be confident they will be followed while helping your loved ones. Pre-plan your funeral by calling the Lynch Funeral Home.

Pre Need

The Pre-Need services at the Lynch Funeral Home, Inc. have been growing rapidly. There are reasons to participate in Pre-Need arrangements. However, the best reason is still to ease the pain and suffering of your loved ones.

Other benefits include:

Your wishes are known to your loved ones

Financial responsibilities are not a burden to your family

You will avoid conflict between family members

Your family can participate in the planning, relieving burden to you family at time of need 
Pre-Need Burial Trusts can be set up to prepay funeral costs. They are deposited into a bank and put into an account and are Federally Insured.

Irrevocable Burial Trusts are set up because the individual beneficiary is generally applying for SSI or Medicaid Assistance for Health Related Care. Irrevocable Burial Trust may be set up for individual or spouse in order to protect their home and other assets needed to maintain their home.

Revocable Burial Trust are set up for individuals who wish to have their burials pre-paid and their wishes taken care of at the time of their death. Pre-funding of their burial expenses eliminates financial burden to individuals family at the time of one’s death, when the family is going through the grieving process associated with the loss of a loved one.

At need

At the Lynch Funeral Home, Inc., we offer all types of services to fit each and every family's needs. Knowing that every family is different, we attempt to tailor our services to the individual needs of those we serve. We have been helping families of all faiths for three generations, and are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Our services are separated into two categories:

  • Funeral Home charges
  • Cash advances

Funeral Home charges include transportation, preparation, arrangements (including funeral director, other staff, equipment and facilities to respond to initial request for service, the arrangement conference, securing of necessary authorizations and coordination of service plans with parties involved in the final disposition of the deceased), use of vehicles, casket, vault, or urn, memorial cards, book and death notices.

Cash advances include services and merchandise provided by third parties. Cash advance items are to be paid prior to or the day of services. they include:

  • Cemetery and/or crematory
  • Death Certificates
  • Clergy honoraria
  • Public Transportation
  • Telephone Charges